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CCOBATO promises to provide a healthy substitute for smokers and modify the existing technical route by innovating the Heat Not Burning concept. After three years of exploration and accumulation in the industry, CCOBATO has acquired the ability to conduct independent research into Heat Not Burning products and start large-scale production. Its products stand out from all Heat Not Burning products on the market, and are protected by an independent patent pool. CCOBATO, on this basis, integrates product customization, OEM production, brand promotion, and global sales to create a systematic, across-the-chain and multi-dimensional one-stop solution platform, "CCOBATO," for Heat Not Burning products. We will provide a full set of production equipment and quality control measures for our business partners regarding the products tailor-made by us for them, and be responsible for subsequent product development and optimization.

Circumvention of heat-not-burn patents:

CCOBATO products took a different technical route from  heat-not-burn from the beginning. They are distinguished from all Heat Not Burning products on the market by an independently developed production process from formula, process, equipment to packaging, which are protected by an independent patent pool.

In July 2019, CCOBATO established the Strategic Planning Department, and carried out qualification certification, patent pool building, patent rights protection and other priority work. The scope of its patents covers formula, production technology and automatic production equipment. CCOBATO has established a whole series of complete independent intellectual property rights, and based on this, it has continuously derived and built its own patent pool.

Technological advantages:

In 2019, CCOBATO set up its Process and Production Automation R&D Department. In cooperation with colleges of polymer science, it discovered an all-new technological route that can cross the boundaries between the "color, fragrance and shape" of herbal plants — plant supermolecule extraction technology. Thanks to this, CCOBATO's Heat Not Burning products are far superior to their contemporaries in terms of stability, expressiveness and extensibility. After four R&D processes, CCOBATO low-temperature herbal products have developed into a unique columnar fuming body with a loose interior and pores. To avoid patent disputes with  heat-not-burn, CCOBATO meanwhile solved the "traditional flake technology's" problem that burning paper gives off an unpleasant odor, and the "granule technology's" problems that the machine gets stuck in broken bits, the ingredients are likely to get wet with dew and the paper tube jams the opening.

Third-party qualification certification:

CCOBATO is committed to honoring the health undertaking, and takes a responsible attitude towards consumers. It attaches great importance to authoritative third-party product qualification certification. As of February 2020, "CCOBATO Low-Temperature Herbs" has passed the most comprehensive and stringent food-grade testing in the world — JFRL testing and TCT general testing and obtained the testing certificates.


The tests include not only conventional tests such as heavy metal tests, but also those that are taboo to conventional e-cigarettes such as formaldehyde, acrolein and crotonaldehyde tests. All tests show that CCOBATO products do not contain any addictive substances, heavy metals, carcinogens such as formaldehyde, acrolein and crotonaldehyde.


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