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Hami melon



CCOBAT0 selects good tea, mint leaves and othernatural raw materials, which are green and healthy.There are theophylline in tea,it is similar to thatof nicotine, coffee and coco theobromine.
And both have the function of excitating nervecenter.The difference is that nicotine is highlyaddictive,while theophylline is non-addictive
and is beneficial and harmless to the human body.

CCOBATO heat herbal sticks used exclusive herbal formula,through traditional fragrance essence,and combines tobacco-like flavor,which creates unique smoking experience.

Fruit capsule are extracted from natural fruits,and are made with a special banquet formula.Without changing the original flavor of theheat herbal sticks, it will give you a morewonderful smoking experience.


1. No tobacco ,No nicotine ,Pure natural herb, No addictive ingredients

2. Relieve throat discomfort caused by smoking

3. No second hand smoke, healthy and environmental friendly

4. Low-temperature electronic cigarette heating, no open flame, no soot, no harmful substance

5. No locational limitation, can be consumed in public area (can be made as smoke-free product), can be carried on plane


 Smokers are looking for healthier options.

Want to reduce smoking or quit smoking.

Follow the fashion trends.

People who are sick and unable to quit smoking. 

Discomfort caused by smoking.

Take care of the environment and reduce second-hand smoke on people around you.

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